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yamiloo's Journal

Elena Barbarich
31 October
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My portfolio website!

My webcomic, Sister Claire.

Thanks for browsing my art blog! This is a place for me to post my art-related musings and artwork. (ART ART ART)

Elena Barbarich (AKA Yamino) is a self-published, freelance artist who recently graduated with a BFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Sequential Art. She was born in Rome, Italy, but has also lived in California, Austria and Belgium. She is fluent in English, conversational in Italian and French, understands most German and Spanish, and is teaching herself Japanese. She is mostly vegetarian, and her favorite drink is bubble tea (aka boba.)

In the future, she hopes to finish this webcomic series and continue working on several others she has planned. She would also like to teach English in Japan.

Other than writing and drawing comics, her hobbies include voice-acting, dancing in front of the mirror, travel, learning languages, speaking in the 3rd person, and posing for pretentious photos.